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The Sony Xperia Z 5, a smartphone made for James Bond

Eve Moneypenny uses the smartphone Xperia Z5 in the mini-film. Samsung Galaxy S6 cover
Sony unveiled its new advertising campaign. Mini action movie directed by Danny Kleinman, from several sequences of "Spectrum".
In the film, Naomie Harris, who plays the role of Eve Moneypenny in "Spectrum", is on a mission to London to M, the boss 007 and uses two Sony gadgets: the smartphone Xperia Z5 and the camera RX100 Mark IV.

The objects are described there as "Made for Bond" ("Facts for Bond" in French).

The film was shot mostly with a F65, a brand of camera that creates images with a resolution HD / 2K or 4K, and with the RX100 Mark IV that was used to provide images in slow motion.

The release of "Spectrum" is expected on 11 November.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 from 4 Major US Carriers to Get Android 5.

The Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, the latest and likely the last firmware update from Google before it officially rolls out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the next few weeks, has already made it to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in July. Galaxy S6 case

Unfortunately, the firmware update only made it to Samsung Galaxy S5 units that are under T-Mobile in the US, much to the chagrin of other American users of the Korean tech giant’s flagship smartphone of 2014.

The situation expectedly drew numerous clamors from other Samsung Galaxy S5 users under different US carriers to have the firmware update rolled out to their handsets as well.

Samsung needs no convincing as the clamors certainly have a leg to stand on. Latest reports indicate that four other US carriers including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and US Cellular are now preparing the groundwork for the rollout of the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop to Samsung Galaxy S5 under their respective folds very soon, notes Venture Capital Post.

It was actually the numerous feedbacks and demand of Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on community forums that prompted Samsung and partner mobile carriers to immediately buckle down to work and ensure the release of the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop soon enough.

It is possible that the new firmware update will come out in the next few weeks because it really has to before Google officially unveils the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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iPhone 6s production costs $ 234

 Component costs noticeable: for chipset, chassis, etc., the company must spend $ 234, about ten per cent more than the iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy S6 cover
Faster processor, 3D touch display, Aluminium 7000: Apple has the iPhone 6s much done differently than the previous model. This manifests itself not only in weight but also in the cost of production: It is estimated by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch hit the equipment components for the 64 gigabyte version with a total of $ 234 to book. In order for the iPhone 6s by far is the most precious iPhone ever: When iPhone 6 costs were still at $ 205, the iPhone 5s at $ 181, a little closer to the current level, however, came the spacious iPhone 6 Plus 223 dollars.

The largest item in the teardown puzzle are the newly built microchips worth of 127 dollars, including 36 dollars on wireless technology, 25 dollars for the new 64-bit A9 processor and 22 dollars for sensor technology from fingerprint scanning up to NFC. The 64 GB memory chip is estimated at $ 20. Other components such as the display, the iSight camera and last but not least the battery is estimated at $ 73, housing and other support at $ 33.

What does this mean for Apple? The 64 GB version of the new iPhone 6s offered unlocked in the US at a price of 749 dollars, so minus the component costs remain still $ 515. That would be nearly 70 percent, but says little about the first time real profit. Because in order to determine the net income per unit, one would have more manufacturing and distribution costs, einrechnen the elaborate marketing and not least long-term investments in research and development.

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IOS keys that will make September the fastest update history

September promises iOS and stability improvements, and Apple hopes to recoup the problems brought updates iOS 7 and 8.
ios 8 came with a lot of solutions under the arm, but also a lot of problems. Here, my partner Asier the details to a year after their departure. - Since launching the main problem it was that many users could not install.

An update of 1.1GB needed 5GB 16GB free terminal was ridiculous. - Gradually requisitios Apple was improving and upgrading to iOS 8.1.3 version 8 only needed a 250MB download. Samsung Galaxy S6 case

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iPhone 6S, pre-sales record: Apple poised to overtake the re

The new iPhone traveling to yet another record, says Apple. A year ago the iPhone 6:06 Plus, the first to offer consumers a choice of dual display larger than the previous, recorded sales of 10 million smartphones in the first weekend, the best result ever achieved. The company says that with the iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus is "on the road to beat that record," based on a "consumer response very positive with very strong pre-orders worldwide in the first weekend." A performance that would be "better than expected." Apple began accepting pre-orders Saturday and shipments will begin next Friday, Sept. 25. Samsung Galaxy note 5 cover

This year, however, Apple did not give numbers. The pre-orders for the first two days last year were 4 million units. Furthermore, the new iPhone is on sale in 12 countries (still no Italy), while a year ago the first round of countries stopped to 10. Among the new arrivals there is China - where they would be going very well Pre-sales of the iPhone 6S Plus - and this may partially explain the performance.
The result allows the title Apple to be among the few positive on Wall Street. Investors are waiting to know whether the new products launched a few days ago in San Francisco will be able to do better than the previous, continuing a trend of record growth on record that has been going on quarters and that is put under observation every time. It is iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Pro iPad, the new Apple TV and the new Apple Watch.

But is the iPhone, which is worth 63% of the revenues, one with eyes on him. For three consecutive quarters the turnover of the smartphone division has grown by over 30%, while this time the majority of Wall Street analysts expected a growth of about 5%.

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