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From BendGate for Weight Gate? iPhone & iPhone 6s 6s Plus ar

With 143 grams and 192 grams, the new iPhone models iPhone or iPhone 6s 6s Plus are the heaviest of all time. Guilt is not so much the new 7000 Alumium, but especially the 3D touch display. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus case
Whopping 80 grams between the lightest and heaviest iPhone yet. The record for the lightweight keeps the iPhone 5 with only 112 grams, the current record holder is the new iPhone 6s Plus with 192 grams. But even the little brother iPhone 6s brings nevertheless still 143 grams on the scale.

One reason for the weight-tsunami, or at least for the significant weight gain from model to model so far has been, of course, the growing display and housing size, devouring more material.

But other innovations in the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus can be the knocking out of balance by more than ten percent upward noticeable: First, the new aluminum chassis from a 7000 alloy - the prevention of the Bendgate brings, however, according to Apple only 2 grams extra.

Particularly overweight is the 3D-touch feature, the additional capacitive pressure sensor weighs the display (without glass) is now 29 grams instead of the previous 12 grams. Overall, the iPhone 6s has increased by 14 grams compared to the previous model iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus there are 20 grams compared to the iPhone 6 Plus.

Particularly significant falls when iPhone 6s Plus the way the battery: 43 grams weighs the current memory more than a quarter, the iPhone 6, there are 26 grams of not even one fifth.

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Samsung Galaxy S7: 4K curved screen, 6GB of RAM and two size

  A few weeks after the introduction of the new top-end terminals Korean company, and begin to proliferate rumors about the upcoming flagship that is expected to be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year. This Samsung Galaxy S7 promises to keep the best of today's high-end range of the company and improve on several aspects to continue reigning in the Android market. Samsung Galaxy S6 case

The Samsung Galaxy S7 come in two sizes: 5.2 and 5.8 inches
  Rumors speak of reaching a higher resolution display, increased RAM and arrival terminal in two different sizes. The most surprising rumor of all is certainly the latter, and a terminal compact dimensions, 5.2 inches and a larger version reaching the 5.8 inch screen is waiting.

  Analyzing Samsung's strategy this past year, we see the success of the commitment to the curve screen S6 Edge triggered a subsequent launch of its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge, this month of September. Perhaps the Korean company has understood the needs and wishes of users so that from now offer the same terminal with curved screen in two different sizes.

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LG Nexus 5X, render the final design  

As you know the next Google on September 29, in an event to be held in San Francisco, is expected to present the two new Nexus.
AndroidPIT posted today render of what should be the final design of the LG Nexus 5X (name not yet confirmed).
Unfortunately the new render the Nexus LG shows only the back of the smartphone. Compared to what had been said a few months ago, this time the device Huawei Nexus 6 features a 5.5-inch display, 32GB ROM, RAM 3GB and LTE connection.
In the last few days you are becoming more insistent rumors on the LG Nexus, while the alleged Huawei Nexus seems to be back on the back burner. Even colleagues of Android Police have confirmed that according to their sources, the picture is authentic.
The introductory price of this "new classic" should be about 399 euro. Casesam

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IFA 2015: Samsung S2 Galaxy Tab 8.0, a tablet in 4: 3

Little sister of the Galaxy Tab S, S2 version now has a 4: 3 format, optimized for reading and web content. Getting Started video.
Descendant of the excellent Galaxy Tab S, this second iteration came to his show at IFA.
First thing we notice: the format change from the first version. Indeed, the Tab S2 Version 8 inches (also available in 9.7) now has a 4: 3 ratio, which puts it more in an optical reading and web content.
Its components are however very similar to those of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4, which it was oriented multimedia. So do not be fooled by its aspect ratio, the Galaxy Tab S2, will prove effective in any situation.
Discover now this famous 8 inches tablet that meets the sweet name of Galaxy Tab S2, alongside Thomas Poveda. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 case

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Aero HTC very similar to the iPhone 6 Appears


The China-based company is not doing well at this time. User no longer so confident in him, the competition is doing much damage taking powerful and affordable terminals. All this has made this famous manufacturer has announced that it will cut its workforce due to the dismal results.

Well, besides that downsizing the company has also decided to change its marketing strategy and for this I have prepared a high-end smartphone to compete against more top-end terminals that will be forthcoming. Samsung Galaxy Tab E case

This device is called Aero HTC but also known as the HTC A9. This terminal but little information we are already beginning to appear the first leaks about the future Chinese device. One of these leaks is imagewise published in the famous Chinese social network, Weibo, and through it we can see the physical aspect that will have your smartphone.

HTC Aero, Too similar to the iPhone 6?
A physical design on the back reminds a lot to the rear of the Apple iPhone 6. We might think that is an image with photoshop but it seems that the future of high-end terminal has that aspect. With regard to the front of the device will see as little significant both in its lateral and upper and lower frames frame.

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