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Galaxy Note 5: Europa release with a slimmed-down version?

The evidence for a European release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to take. However, the phablet could come up with some technical changes compared to the US version to Germany. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge protector case

Does it or does not occur? As before, there is a big question mark behind a possible European release of the Galaxy Note. 5 Announced Samsung had his new precious phablet on a Keynote on August 13, only for the US and other selected markets. Meanwhile, however, is increasing evidence that a European version of the smartphone could be already in the pipeline.
A first indication there had been earlier in the week, as a document of the certification organization for Bluetooth-enabled devices a serial number for the Galaxy Note 5 had emerged that suggests an international release. Now there are more hints. So reports GSMArena that the European version of the smartphone was reportedly briefly seen on Wednesday on the official Samsung site. Confirmed this information, however, is not, especially since the said notice is currently impossible to find.

A third source comes from the database of Geekbench. There, a benchmark test has emerged on Thursday that should belong to the European Galaxy Note. 5 The serial number Samsung SM-N920F is identical to that number, which was already to be found at the beginning of the week in the documents of the official Bluetooth group. In addition, the benchmarking data have a special feature that distinguishes the smartphone from the US version of the Galaxy Note. 5 So the memory of the European version will be only with 3GB of RAM, while the device is shipped in North America with 4GB of RAM. Even the Geekbench test, however, be treated with caution. Especially in the recent past, several fake Geekbench messages had made the rounds.

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In Europe too, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the latest news

The Samsung Galaxy 5 will never come to Europe? Most likely yes, at least according to some important clues. The fifth generation phablet not crossed the boundaries of the Old Continent seemed rather strange.

He thought a reader GSMArena collecting rumors that hint of being on the right track. According to what he said, many certification bodies (including Bluetooth.org, voted to certify the connectivity standard) claimed that among the many models marketed figurasse also the SM-N920F, acronym commonly used to describe the variation in sales in our territory.

A European version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 must, of necessity, exist. Among others, in difficult times, to support the hypothesis, an article appeared in a Korean newspaper that read clearly that the device locally would cost much less than in Europe, where the debut of the device would be set for 28 August. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge cover

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Apple Keynote, revealed the location of the presentation of

The date of presentation of the new iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus approaches and networking emerge new rumors about the possible location of the next Apple keynote scheduled for Wednesday, September 9.
  From the pages of the local newspaper hoodline there are rumors of a new location that top of the Cupertino giant would have rented 4 to 13 September for the presentation of the new iPhone. If the news were to be confirmed, therefore, the new Apple iPhone will be presented within the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, a large facility can accommodate up to 7,000 people. At the moment there are no official confirmation from the company in California and pending posting of the official invitations for journalists, here's all the latest rumors spread about this possible new location for the Apple keynote. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge case

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Sony Xperia Z5 Plus: a photo of the smartphone in flight?

The Sony Xperia Z5 More could be launched very soon. An image of the smartphone has fuiter, and this allows us to learn more about its features.

The Japanese multinational Sony could unveil multiple smartphones, the Xperia Z range in the coming weeks. It would seem that three smartphones are expected. This at least suggests that the rumors circulating on the web for a few weeks now. Logically, the Sony Xperia Z5 Z5 Compact Xperia and Xperia Z5 More should be presented shortly. It is possible either during the Sony press conference at IFA, to be held on 2 September in the city of Berlin.

A photo of the Sony Xperia More Z5 seems to have leaked, however, it proves to be of poor quality. This is the website specializing Xperiablog who published it, and this snapshot allows us to discover some features which could be with the future Xperia Z5 Plus. The first detail that we can see is the "+ S70" This top left of the image. When we know that the code name Sony Xperia Z5 was "S70", this may indicate that it would be much of a photo showing the Xperia Z5 Plus.

More information

One can also see that the smartphone seems to be offered in three different colors, black, silver, and gold. It seems that a fingerprint reader is also in the game. It would be positioned on the left side of the device. Another rumor indicate that the Xperia Z5 Plus is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810. The reputation of this processor before it, since it is often nicknamed the "oven" because of its recurring overheating problems. Samsung Galaxy S6 cover

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Nexus 6 (2015) Huawei: a leaked video rendering of the next


For several months, many rumors are expressing the possibility that Google is launching two phones in the Nexus, a manufactured by LG and the other by Huawei. If the Mountain View company has not yet confirmed the news, leaks begin to appear on both devices. Galaxy S6 case

So uSwitch just put online a video of the record that should have the Nexus 6 (2015) Huawei. It is based on the patterns received by manufacturers of accessories and finish / color are currently speculation. However, some sources state that the leak of the phone will have a metal construction, which corresponds to the premium positioning that wants to have with this Google Nexus.
In terms of design, there are certain elements that we had seen with the Huawei Ascend G7 including bars at the top and bottom of the unit to the back of the device, but also what is said of the finish. According uSwitch two screen sizes were tested (5.5 / 5.7 inches), but no decision was taken. However previous leaks indicate that the choice of a 5.7-inch screen would have been done finally.

As might be expected, the Nexus 6 (2015) Huawei should have a USB Type-C would be found while a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. Finally, in dimensions, it should measure 159.4 x 78.3mm x 6.6-8.5 mm.

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